TGIF – Looking at Trunk

I’ve read this is the most photographed view in the Caribbean…

Its easy to see why!

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Cool new Target commercial

Anyone recognize where this commercial is shot?
Ok, you know the island… Do you know the Villa?

Of course its “Cool”, it’s shot on ST John!

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Happy Happy Happy… Friday!

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“Seas the Day”… A new St John building Blog

A NEW BUILDING BLOG! With things at “Mystery Villa” and “Casa La Famiglia” soon wrapping up “Seas The Day” couldn’t come at a better time!

Follow along as this family from Chicago build there little piece of paradise on St John…



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Cruz Bay dining – interactive map

Here is a feature found on the Virgin Island Online Forum. It’s an interactive map of most, if not all Cruz Bay dining establishments. It’s pretty cool as it shows you where they are located as well as having convenient links to many of the establishments website so you can check out their menus. I think you’ll find it helpful whether heading to St John for the first time or if you are a seasoned veteran. BIG Thanks to Anthony over on the forum for taking the time to put this together.



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Beach Break – Drunk Bay

While Drunk Bay is not the white sand, palm lined beach most are accustomed to while visiting St John, it is definitely one you will want to see. I call it the “Martian” landscape, as it appears to be almost gold in color and is spotted with patches of grass, shrubs and cactus… maybe not the red planet but WAY different none the less. The water here is generally rough with strong currents and lots of rocks – I would not suggest attempting a swim here! I’ve read because of these conditions its earned its name ‘Drunk’ being taken from the Creole word for ‘drowned’!

To get to Drunk Bay you’ll first want to head to Saltpond Bay and walk to the south end, there you will find a trail which heads east to Drunk Bay, it’s a relatively short hike taking less than 10 minutes. When you get there you will be sure to see some of the local “art” – that is the coral people and sculptures that line the rocks, most of these are on the left of the rocks heading toward Concordia.

See and example of some Drunk Bay porn HERE. (warning – adult material) ;-)









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TGIF- Looking left at the overlook

While we are staring at Trunk Bay Beach – here is the beautiful view to the West!

Happy Friday…

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Become a member of the St John Animal Care Center

Looking for a way to help out on St John? Here is an easy and fun way to do so.

The St John ACC is reaching out for new members. By contributing you will help with things such as reuniting lost animals with their owners, placing abandoned animal in loving homes and rehabilitate injured animals. You will also become part of a community. You will receive the ST John ACC newsletters as well as be invited to annual meetings and receive updates on issues facing the shelter. AS always, feel free to stop by while in the neighborhood and walk some of those loving pets… The doggies will love you for it! ;-)

Click on the photo below to be directed to their website for more info…



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TGIF – Happy Friday from Seagrape Hill

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St John Bar and Restaurant low season closing schedule

Planning a visit to St John in the upcoming weeks? you will want to be sure to check out the St John Spice list of closings HERE as some restaurants will be closing for the low season. It will you help avoid any disappointments…  Be sure to check back as it is updated daily. (Oh- and remember, Vie’s is closed Sunday and Monday – been there done that ;-)

While your on the site be sure and check out the St John Spice cam – get your St John “fix” daily!



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Beach Break- Hawksnest Bay Beach

Hawksnest Beach is another favorite on St John, particular among locals and families with small children. There is no need to hike or lug beach chairs here. The parking is directly along the beach. Hawksnest Beach is the first National Park Beach that you will encounter driving along North Shore Road from Cruz Bay. With its close proximity to Cruz Bay and Mongoose Junction it is perfect for loading up your cooler and getting to the beach quickly!

Click on the photo to enjoy the full panoramic view- awesome! Photo courtesy of the internet

When you park you will notice 2 pavilions containing picnic tables as well as BBQ pits should you want to grill up some lunch. These are available on a first come first serve basis, but generally available. There are restroom facilities but beware – they are “pit” type toilets not flush, there is no running water so bring wipes! You also will find there are NO concessions here, so if planning a lengthy visit be sure to pack the cooler or be prepared to head back to town for lunch.




















If you are feeling a little adventurist, head to the far left of the beach until you hit the rocks, after a 2 minute rock scramble you will find Little Hawknest beach which is almost always empty, your likely enjoy your own private beach.

I’m told there is also a “Very Little” Hawksnest beach that is no more than a 15′ stretch of sand set in a rock enclave… but Ive yet to discover it, I will keep an eye out for it next trip!

Hawksnet is a great beach for snorkeling veterans as well as the beginner. You will find a coral reef just a few yards from shore. You generally will find an abundance of small fish here such as grunt fish, fry, damselfish and parrotfish as well as the occasional turtle or ray!


Jump in and enjoy!

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TGIF – “That time of day” at Hanson Bay

Time for Vie’s chicken that is! ;-)

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A dozen beach bars you WONT want to miss!

Looking for a list of “must do” beach bars?

Caribbean Travel +Life has published their choice of the best Caribbean beach bars, and Id like to say yours truly has partaken in many a rum concoction at 5 of them! I AM SO PROUD! (Mom – not so much)

This year I hope to get at least ONE MORE under my belt…  Baby steps…!

Check out the link below for the full article;

The Ultimate Beach Bars



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And the Trip Advisors, Travelers Choice – Top Island is….

You guessed it St John!

Trip Advisors readers have rate St John on the top of the list! Read all about it Here.


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A Tribute to Lindy

Id like to share with you Inner Visions tribute to Lindy…

Many of you may not have known him by name but may recognize him from your time on  St John,

Is nice to see how he touched so many people… RIP

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TGIF – From one of my favorites…

Denis Bay = Perfection…

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Kenny Chesney – “When I see This Bar”

Calling all KC and ST John Fans – your going to love his latest video -

Any one recognize where Kenny’s jamming through the live shots?

OF COURSE you do!

Read more on the making of the video as well as view the video exclusive

HERE @ USA Today’s website.

Also – be sure to set your DVR for July 22 when Chesney will be performing the song live on the Jay Leno show. Enjoy!




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Help Save Cafe Roma

Are you a fan of Cafe Roma? If not – it’s  probably because you have never eaten there ;-)  Great food and Great people!

Unfortunately, this past spring, the business was consumed by fire! They are now looking for help with rebuilding – want to have a menu item named in your honor? Read more below…

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TGIF – Where am I?

No Really –  where am I ;-)

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Oh… Lemon Lemon Drop

When life hands you lemons- make Lemon Drop Martinis!

Ahhh… cool and refreshing, the Lemon Drop Martini. A simple drink that can catch up with you, so be cautious!!!

We start with:

The Juice of 3 lemons
2 tablespoons sugar
2 shots vodka
Ice in shaker
1 sugar-rimmed martini glass

Mix your lemon juice, sugar and vodka in a martini shaker filled with ice. Shake REALLY well
pour into sugar-rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a lemon rind. CHEERS!




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